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Isaiah 12:3

“Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”

Father, teach me now. Show me the depths of my heart. Show me the man I truly am. Give me wisdom and discernment in interpreting Your word. I don’t want to take it for granted. Please make it alive to me now. Show me my inner being. Show me Your heart. Break me now. Teach me.

I know what a well is. Now, I’ve never actually used a well, or at least not a well that Isaiah would have used. But I know the general function of a well. A well is used to draw water from deep within the earth. When no water is available at the surface, water can be found far underneath the earth. The well can be used to keep a people alive during a season of drought. During a season with no rain. Or for a people near no body of water. It sustains them, it gives life, it gives hope. When I was in Guatemala, we went to this area where some men were building a well. Walking up to the hole was an eerie experience. It was deep, the bottom was not able to be seen, it’s atmosphere was different, and You knew if You fell into it You would never get out. I love verses like this, the metaphors help me picture what Christ’s love is. Christ’s love, His salvation, is a well. It isn’t like the wells of the world. These wells aren’t deep, they are shallow. They satisfy, but only for a moment. You draw water from them, they give you refreshment, but the amount of times You can draw from them for satisfaction is limited. After a couple scoops, you find it harder and harder to draw up as much water. Soon, the water You are drawing isn’t water at all. Your bucket, your life, is scraping the bottom, picking up dirt, mud, rocks, and the water is not to be found. That is the well of the world. Maybe some instant gratification, instant pleasure, but it quickly turns out to be more destructive in the end, as you continually go back to that well, only to find more mud, more rocks, and no water. Your life becomes exactly like the pit of the well you have been drawing from. Your life loses its purpose, you are muddy, gross, worthless, and you have no hope. That is the well of the world. For everybody it is different. Some it is sex, drugs, music, lifestyle, preference, alcohol, friends, school, material gain, and even wrong beliefs. These things will not satisfy. They will not give the hope you want, the life you desire above all else. But, there is another well. It is the well of salvation. This well is different than the well of the world. This well is not shallow…in fact this well has no bottom. It is the never-ending well of life. On the top of the well it says, “Come all who are thirsty.” You tie your bucket to the rope, subconsciously knowing that once you tie your bucket, you can never untie it. The work is harder than the wells of the world. It isn’t as easy; the instant gratification is not the same. One thing is certain, the water drawn from this well is pure. It is holy. It changes your life, your very being. You can wash the mud off you. You can drink and be satisfied, but never to the point of sickness. You work hard, but you gain so much more. The well keeps you secure, it never fails you. It never gives you a load too hard for you to carry. It never brings up mud for you. Instead it washes the mud from you. It fixes things in your heart, some things you did not even notice. This well is Jesus Christ. He is calling “He who has ears, let him hear!” All I must do is to tie my bucket to his well, all I must do is listen, all I must do is believe He is God. I am still muddy Lord. I still have some of my sin, some of the remnant from previous wells dried to my skin. I know it hurts when you scrape it off me. But I also know that You must do this, and I am willing. I am going to continue to draw from Your well of salvation, Your well of love, the well of You. I know it will never run dry. I know You will always give me the purest water. I know You will always be faithful. Forgive me when I doubt You. Forgive me when I turn to other wells. Forgive me when I forget. Thank You for always reminding me, for always being so faithful to me when I am not. You are the perfect Father, the perfect friend, the perfect master, the perfect God. I am the sinful son, the unfaithful friend, the flawed servant, and the unworthy follower. So, Lord…I just thank You. I thank You for this grace You have bestowed onto me. I am so unworthy, yet You make me worthy. Your blood, Your sacrifice, Your perfect love has saved me. Praise Your name forevermore!